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New Hampshire legalization bill shot down


Massachusetts to Vote on Mandatory Sentences

The Massachusetts House of Representatives is expected to vote Monday on a bill that would eliminate some mandatory minimum sentences for drug offenses.

Merry Jane Profiles Top Cannabis Podcasts

November 14—The green rush is infiltrating just about every industry and media platform, so why not podcasts too? Besides the perennial stoner favorite, “Getting Doug with High” there are a slew of other titles popping up on iTunes, PodcastOne, and other podcast players. Merry Jane picked and profiled seven cannabis podcasts the public should lend an ear to.

School-Age MMJ User Suing Jeff Session

November 13—Young Alexis Bortell has written a book, takes cannabis oil daily and is taking Attorney General Jeff Sessions to court to challenge the U.S. Controlled Substance Act. In order to treat her severe form of epilepsy—intractable epilepsy—with cannabis, Alexis and her family had to leave her home in Texas and move to Colorado.

Link between Drug Legalization and Violence

November 13—Freakonomics coauthor Steven Levitt says legalizing drugs would be the single best way to reduce violence, though he opposes doing it for broader reasons. 


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