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Medical marijuana patients, particularly those with cancer and others with debilitating conditions like endometriosis and severe menstrual pain that require very high levels of cannabinoids like THC or CBD, often find the ingestion of oils like RSO to be an unpleasant experience. Because treating cancer (or other chronic conditions) with RSO, or Rick Simpson Oil, pumps such a large amount of THC into the patient’s body the psychotropic effects can be overwhelming for some. But what if there was a way to dampen the strongest effects of RSO and other concentrated cannabis oils so that the patient receives the maximum therapeutic benefit, but without feeling “uncomfortably high”?

Benefits of delivering cannabis oil via suppository

Making cannabis suppositories with RSO is just such a method. It combines an ancient medication delivery method with high doses of THC, allowing the patient to metabolize a higher percentage of cannabinoids than they would have if they ingested the RSO orally (or smoked it), while reducing the unpleasantness of being extremely altered. Making a cannabis suppository is as simple as mixing RSO with an easily-absorbed substance like cocoa butter, poured into a suppository mold and frozen until ready to use. Once inserted rectally (or vaginally), the cocoa butter melts as it reaches the same temperature as your body and you absorb a super-charged amount of cannabinoids, minus many of the powerful effects of smoking or eating pot.

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